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   Japan with its limiting natural resources, recycling is gaining more importance and  is seen as the best way protect the environment. Throughout the years, we accumulated  experiences and technologies that enable us to effectively reuse without wasting. With this, we are able to provide superior quality products.
   Furthermore, we are constantly pursuing new fields and technological innovation to improve our excellent quality. We welcome any inquiries or consultation on shape and size of products according to customer requirement and ease of reuse.
   At the moment we only supply within Japan.

Recycled Zinc

Ingot 10kg塊
10kg ingot
10kg ingot
再生亜鉛 Recycle Zinc Ingot 250kg塊
250kg ingot
1000kg ingot
再生亜鉛 Recycle Zinc Ingot 1000kg塊
1000kg ingot

Brass Metal Ingot

黄銅角丁Bronze Ingot 300kg塊
300kg ingot

Metal Granules

黄銅メタル copper granules
Brass metal granules
亜鉛メタル zinc granules
Zinc metal granules

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